Our water

Spring water is extracted directly from the underground source utilising Neverfail’s state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Our spring water goes through a treatment process, including micro-filtration and ozonation prior to bottling. The spring water bottles are delivered fresh to your door and Customers can be assured that the quality of its product is consistently of an extremely high standard.

Our Environment
  • Neverfail has Springwater sources in all mainland states of Australia, located within approximately 100 km of each bottling site.
  • Neverfail is committed to sustainable use of its water sources; we invest in infrastructure and hyrdogeological studies of our Springwater sources.
  • ‘Neverfail’ 11 litre and 15 litre bottles collected at each delivery, returned to the bottling plant, thoroughly washed and sanitised, and refilled an estimated 30 times over several years of use.
  • At Neverfail, we use 1.3 litres of water to produce 1 litre of bottled Springwater, well below the Coca-Cola System world beverage average of 2.16 litres*.
Our Quality
  • Neverfail Springwater Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited, the bottler of the ‘Coca-Cola’ Brand in Australia. We pride ourselves on the high standards of our products and services.
  • ‘Neverfail’ Springwater is sourced from some of the finest aquifers in Australia.
  • As a founding member of ABWI (Australasian Bottled Water Institute), we aim to ensure that ‘Neverfail’ Springwater complies with the strictest quality standards for bottled water.
  • Neverfail bottling plants conform to international standards including ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO-22000 Food Safety Management Systems and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.
‘Neverfail’ has achieved ABWI’s ‘Standard of Excellence’ across all bottling sites from 2003 – 2012.

*2011/2012 TCCC Sustainability Report