Occupational Health and Safety

Safety Award

Our team were proud to win the Hunter Business Chamber award for Excellence in Safety. Our drivers are extremely mindful and observant of the safety requirements whilst on customer’s premises. This is coupled with the quality of our spring water to internationally certified standards. You can have total confidence in the delivery and dispensing of our spring water.

Childproof Taps

Childproof taps are an important safety feature of our coolers, particularly models that dispense hot water.


Our bottles can be conveniently stored on racks and are easily deployed in a safe manner when required. The cooler spike means it is quick and easy to replace bottles.


When the climate warms up it is imperative that workers are properly hydrated so that they can maintain their level of well being and productivity. There are few better ways to achieve this objective than through the provision of spring water.

Try adding Powerade to the spring water for extra flavour and refreshment.